Welcome to Trinity House…

Please scroll down for an overview of the operation and management of the Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House.


The Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House is registered in England and Wales as charity No. 243369. Its primary functions are the preservation and maintenance of the historic buildings that occupy the Broad Chare site and the collections they contain. It is further dedicated to the continuance of ancient maritime traditions within the City of Newcastle.

The House also supports other local maritime charities and like-minded organisations in the region.


The Corporation is one of three licensing authorities in the United Kingdom empowered to examine and license Deep-Sea Pilots.

Its experienced Brethren also provide assistance and consultancy to the maritime community, particularly in the North-East.


Trinity House, located in the heart of Newcastle’s historic Quayside district, is an ideal and accessible location to host your corporate event, stage your private function or hold your meeting. The unique atmosphere and historic surroundings will leave a pleasurable and lasting impression in the memories of your guests.


The Corporation coordinates a programme of visits, talks and other training activities for sea cadets and sea scouts in the region. Working with local maritime authorities, organizations and companies, youngsters are introduced to aspects of the maritime world, with a particular emphasis on safety on the water.

The “Explorer’s Challenge” is a successful activity quiz, incorporating elements of history, art, English and mathematics, designed for visiting school parties and developed in association with the Newcastle City Council Area Education Outreach Officer.

Visits to the House also regularly take place by Adult Education and Special Interest groups.


The opportunity to directly support Trinity House in its charitable work through your own business or private functions is provided for through our Associate Membership Scheme. By subscribing, the select and limited group of members enjoy access to preferential booking, discounts on function rates and other related privileges.


The Trinity House complex has developed and expanded over more than five hundred years on the Broad Chare site, presenting a wonderful chronological architectural attraction for visitors. To then enter and walk through the buildings is to further discover a unique and fascinating private collection of paintings, ship models, books, furniture, nautical instruments and artefacts from around the world and down through the centuries.

Guided tours are possible, but strictly by prior arrangement only.

For the security of the premises, for crime prevention and detection, and for the safety of employees and visitors, all areas of Trinity House are covered by continuous recording CCTV surveillance equipment. Operator -Trinity House. Contact – 0191 2328226


The Newcastle upon Tyne Trinity House is governed by a board, elected annually. As outlined in its ancient charters and modern constitution, the members of the board are the trustees of the charity.

Principal Officers for 2024:

Master Capt. S.C. Healy, FNI
Deputy Master Capt. R.D. Nelson, FICS
House Warden Cdr. A.S. Collier, DL RNR
Marine Warden Capt. K.A. Sykes
Estates Warden Capt. R.D. Nelson, FICS
Collections Warden Mr. D. Byrne
Education Warden Capt. A.J. Lanaghan
Health & Safety Warden Capt. M. Nicholson

Members of the Board of Trustees for 2024:

Chairman of the Board and Trustee Capt. S.C. Healy, FNI
Deputy Chairman and Trustee Capt. R.D. Nelson, FICS
Secretary to the Board and Trustee Commander A.S. Collier, DL RNR
Trustee Capt. R.A. Coates, FNI
Trustee Capt. A.J. Hogg
Trustee Capt. L.M. Colam
Trustee Capt. W.J.J. Green, JP
Trustee  Capt. T. Took
Trustee Capt. K.A. Sykes
Trustee Capt. D.J. Harkness
Trustee Capt. N. Groves
Trustee Capt. M. Nicholson
Trustee Capt. P.F. Armitage, FNI
Trustee Capt. A.C. Castle, JP
Trustee Capt. M.J. Alton, AFNI
Trustee Capt. S. Foster

Other Appointments:

Office Administrator Mrs. S. Rankin
Finance Administrator Mr. J. McGee
Summoner Mr. M. Wear
Honorary Chaplain Rev M Hills, MBE RN
Honorary Organist Dr. A. Hamnett, FRSE
Conservation Advisor Miss L. Bainbridge